Poll Launched to decide scheme’s new name

Sat, 30th Jul 16

An online poll has been launched by Realis Estates to give residents of Stoke-on-Trent the opportunity to decide the name of its new retail-led scheme, which it is planning to develop on the site of the East West Centre and the Old Bus Station.

Realis carried out extensive research, in partnership with branding specialists 5or6, to explore the city’s rich heritage from its industrial past (the potteries and coal mining) through to its famous residents, geographical location, site history and social heritage. From this research three names were decided upon: Unity Walk, Eastwood and Rectory Quarter.

A special website www.OurBrandsInYourHands.co.uk has been launched for people to go online and vote for their favourite. The poll will run until Sunday 7th August.

Ryeworth’s William Haigh is Communications Manager at Realis Estates and worked closely with 5or6 to deliver the three new names.